Solar ACCESS – Carbon Fee Proposal for Athens


Community Info Session Dates:

April 11, Wednesday | 6-8 pm | Athens Community Center

April 17, Tuesday | 6-8 pm | Christ Lutheran Church

April 25, Wednesday | 6:30-8 pm | Athens Community Center

May 3, Tuesday | 5-7 pm | Solarbration at Jackie O’s Taproom (off Stimson Ave.)


Download the Carbon Fee Booklet (FACT SHEET)

When I go to vote, what should I be looking for?

LOOK FOR: #3 Advisory Election Athens City

Shall the City of Athens, through the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (“SOPEC”)’s opt-out Electric Aggregation Program, have the authority to charge 2 mills retail carbon fee for each kilowatt hour of electric consumption used by SOPEC retail electric customers in the City of Athens, and use all carbon fee revenues to fund local public solar projects, such enrollment to occur automatically except where any SOPEC retail electric customer elects to opt-out?

YES = I vote to have the carbon fee added

NO = I vote to not have the carbon fee added


Athens Community Solar Ballot Initiative — Primary Election 2018

Residents in the City of Athens will have a unique opportunity to vote on an opt-out community solar ballot initiative this Primary Election, on or before May 8th, 2018. If passed, residents in the Athens electric aggregation program (administered by the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council; SOPEC) will see a carbon fee added to the price of the electricity SOPEC purchases for its Athens residential and small commerical customers.

The carbon fee recognizes that carbon dioxide emissions cause a negative effect on our economy and highlights that electricity users across the country are not paying the true cost of carbon emissions. This fee could also be called a “solar fee” or “solar surcharge” as the funds collected from this fee would be used to install solar PV systems on city-owned and public-serving buildings in Athens, Ohio. If passed, this would be a one-of-a-kind citizen-funded community solar program using the tools of electric aggregation, pooling everyone together to make smart energy choices for the future. 

Come learn more about the carbon fee ballot initiative, SOPEC’s role as a community choice aggregator, and how you can help spread the word about this amazing opportunity to grow community solar right here in the City of Athens! During the information sessions listed above, we hope attendees will leave feeling prepared to encourage their neighbors to get out to vote!