Driving Demand for Clean Energy in Ohio

UpGrade Ohio connects people with local resources to reduce energy use and to access renewable energy solutions, paving the way for a sustainable energy transition in the state of Ohio. With collaboration, we hope to support a strong mandate to implement clean energy reform.

We work to transform the energy economy in Ohio by engaging Appalachian Ohio citizens in energy awareness, resulting in collective action that reduces energy consumption, increases energy efficiency, spurs check out technological innovation, and improves long-term economic and environmental sustainability for the region.

+ We Create Opportunities for Regional Communities: 
We work with local governments, rural farm producers, and small businesses that are looking to expand into solar, bio-methane and geothermal technologies. Learn about new funding opportunities available through UpGrade Ohio, SOPEC and the USDA to support renewable energy development.

+ We Follow the Trends on Renewables and Clean Energy: We write stories about energy advocacy and promote clean energy solutions at the local, state, and federal level.

+ We Focus on Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Clean Transportation: We support strong fuel efficiency standards, the growth of all-electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, and clean transportation projects including complete street policies and a robust public transit system.

Renewable Energy Development Assistance in 8 southeast Ohio counties!

As a small business or agricultural producer in this area, you may qualify for a free renewable energy assessment with our REDA Program! Sign-up here to get started!

UpGrade and SOPEC are partners on regional renewable energy development!