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ARECC Monthly Meeting Sunday, July 8, 2018   2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
ACEnet (Building C, 94 Columbus Road, Athens, OH)
Presentation: Second Life Battery Project field trip
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A Collaborative Approach: Promoting ARECC’s Energy Efficient Wood Stove/Wood Preservation Program

By Roger Wilkens, ARECC President

At recent ARECC meetings we have begun serious exploration of two new programs: Energy Efficient Wood Stove/Wood Preservation and Incorporating Batteries. Of the two the EE Wood Stove program seems to have the greatest potential for near term development. The Batteries program will require more research and development both in the larger battery field and in our program. An integral and perhaps most significant aspect of the feasibility of the EE Wood Stove program will be our ability to promote it to current and new members. Toward that end, I suggest we take a collaborative approach, working with our sister organizations, Upgrade Ohio, Rural Action and OH Sun.

Together we have developed the Appalachian Ohio Solar Co-op (AOSC), which is beginning its initial bulk install of about 30 rooftop solar systems. Upgrade is about to launch a Community Solar project that has a very significant commitment to recruiting Low and Moderate Income (LMI) households. The LMI components, called the Solar Access For All (SAFE) program, aims to bring solar participation to the over 50% of families whose ownership and/or roof situation does not support rooftop solar.

Between the SAFE and AOSC programs nearly everyone in our region could have solar. The combination these solar options with the energy efficient wood stoves could offer many families in our rural area a viable integrated energy strategy. Electricity and heating comprise the bulk of the energy budget for most households in our area. Consequently, joint recruiting activities that offer energy efficient wood stoves along with rooftop and community solar hold great promise for effectively promoting all three programs and assisting area families in the energy transition. Once again, collaboration in the energy transition makes sense!

Special ARECC Membership

Phase I Member Agreement For The Appalachian Renewable Energy Consumer Cooperative (ARECC)

In Phase I, the Cooperative will help members reduce electricity use through monitoring, conservation and energy efficiency strategies. Reduced energy usage is an essential prerequisite to Phase II activities, supply electricity generated from renewable sources, such as solar, wind, micro-hydro or geothermal. Phase I activities will reduce electricity usage by 1/3 to 1/2, thereby reducing the size and cost of renewable energy sources and making the transition to renewables much more feasible. A separate Member Agreement will cover Phase II activities.

Under the Phase I Member Agreement, the Cooperative will do the following:

1. Provide a Whole House Electricity Monitoring Device.
2. Install the Coop-provided Monitor and provide instruction.
3. Arrange a Home Energy Assessment (if not done through utility or CRES)
4. Assist member household in developing an Energy Efficiency Plan.
5. Provide financial analysis of the components of the plan to help the member evaluate investing in energy efficiency.
6. Provide transparent accounting of all Coop funds.
7. Coordinate bulk purchases of energy efficient lighting, power strips and other devices and appliances.


Under the Phase I Member Agreement, the Member will do the following:

1. Contribute a One-Time Member Fee of $125 to the Cooperative.
2. Participate in coop meetings in a cooperative manner using democratic procedures based on the principle of one member, one vote.
3. Volunteer an average of 4 hours per month by attending coop meetings, participating in cooperative governance, serving on a committee, or assisting with cooperative activities.
4. Allow confidential access to member’s electric company account to enable the coop to audit past usage and calculate reductions in usage.
5. Support Cooperative Management by sharing with the cooperative 1/3 of saving realized through coop activities (Computed by comparing with the same month of the previous year, priced at current rates.)


Print this document here: Phase I Member Agreement ARECC