Become a Business Sponsor

To truly ‘UpGrade’ Ohio, engagement of the business community is instrumental. UpGrade will engage and strengthen the connection between energy-based businesses and residents of the Buckeye State. We are building an energy hub that is catalyzed by business owners and advocates, who are dedicated to building a new energy economy. We are committed to promoting energy efficiency and local renewable energy innovation now and in the future.

Influencer Level

Businesses interested in demonstrating support for UpGrade Ohio at the entry level (up to $250) will receive online recognition and an occasional features in UAC blogs, newsletters and features. Influencers are recognized for contributing to the growth of a new energy economy by supporting the movement in view Southeast Ohio and beyond.

Collaborator Level

By contributing up to $500, local businesses can become UpGrade Ohio collaborators. Participants on this level will receive online and print recognition and quarterly features in UGO blogs, newsletters and stories. Collaborators are recognized as significant contributors to UpGrade Ohio, and will gain significant visibility for their business/organization through all of our outreach channels.

Partner Level

This level of sponsorship is designated for UpGrade Ohio partners. It requires a minimum donation of at least $1,000 in either monetary or in‐kind donations (products, services, staff time). This level is populated by our preferred energy enterprises. By being a Partner level sponsor, your business/organization is intricately connected with UpGrade Ohio’s outreach strategy, and participants on this level will receive prominent web recognition and monthly features in UAC blogs, newsletters and stories. This level is not available to any business that elects to donate the minimum contribution. It is reserved for companies that are committed to working with UpGrade Ohio on building a strong energy economy now and in the future.

Raising our Energy IQ

We believe our community, as a whole, needs to be involved and engaged in the process of upgrading to truly impact energy efficiency. UGO has set out an ambitious agenda – from energy efficient homes and businesses to solar powered schools; we weave a focused and collaborative network. We compile, chronicle, and celebrate local initiatives and success stories. The end result will be a community‐focused and communitydriven shift in the way we think, buy, source, use, and conserve energy.

With a talented, experienced staff of professionals, UpGrade Ohio is the face and voice of Athens’ energy future, driving our community toward valuable resources to save energy and harness locally generated renewable energy.

Making the Dream a RealityImpressionist Tree

UpGrade Ohio has materialized a shared vision for a prosperous energy future in writing, but it’s time to turn the dream into a reality

With support from foundations, state and local governments, private donors and regional businesses, we have begun implementing our strategic plan. Given the two-year timeline for the Georgetown competition, we must move now to actualize energy reductions for our county.

Collaboration Breeds Innovation

UpGrade Ohio was established to engage community members in a proactive effort to reduce energy use and access renewable energy solutions, paving the way for a sustainable energy transition in Southeast Ohio.

As competitors for the Georgetown University Energy Prize (GUEP), UpGrade Ohio has seized the opportunity to design a comprehensive county‐wide energy strategy that will serve as a roadmap for permanent change in our energy economy. From its inception, the group has been led by local politicians, nonprofit employees, energy experts, and committed volunteers who are dedicated to transforming the local energy economy through innovation and community collaboration.

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