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Sarah Conley-Ballew, Executive Director

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Please fill out this contact form with your questions, comments, or suggestions related to UpGrade Ohio’s clean energy efforts. We serve as a resource to between courses local governments, small businesses, community groups, neighborhoods and communities in southeast Ohio. Our partners in the region and across the state join us in supporting a strong mandate to implement clean energy reform in policy, in practice, and in real-time performance.

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+ We Create Opportunities for Regional Communities: We work with local governments, rural farm producers, and small businesses that are looking to expand into solar, bio-methane and geothermal technologies. Learn about new funding opportunities available through UpGrade Ohio, SOPEC and the USDA to support renewable energy development.

+ We Follow the Trends on Renewables and Clean Energy: We write stories about energy advocates and promote clean energy reform at the local, state, and federal level.

+ We Focus on Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Clean Transportation: We support strong fuel efficiency standards, the growth of all-electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, and clean transportation projects including complete street policies and robust public transit.