Sustainability Specials from Ohio University Credit Union and UpGrade Athens County

UpGrade Ohio has partnered with the Ohio University Credit Union to make it easy to purchase solar and renewable products for your homes and businesses.

Get all the details you need to try the products you want!

  1. Solar Panels and Installation
  2. ENERGY STAR Products
  3. High-efficiency Water Heaters
  4. Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades
  5. Wood-Burning Fireplaces and Stoves
  6. New Energy-Efficient Windows, Doors and Skylights
  7. EV (Electric Vehicle) Residential Charging Units
  8. Solar Generators (with battery component)
  9. Electric Bicycles

Visit the Ohio University Credit Union website or download the PDF to review product choices, specs and much more.

Do you have an idea for other Sustainability Specials products and services? Email