Internships 2018

UpGrade Athens County (a project of UpGrade Ohio) is seeking qualified candidates for unpaid internship opportunities. Our internships can be designed to fulfill credit or act as a special project going to benefit a student’s education nonfiction book. Please submit letters of inquiry and resume/CV to Sarah Conley-Ballew, UpGrade Ohio’s Executive Director:


1. Social Media and Content Development Internship: Intern will work directly with UpGrade Ohio’s Information and Outreach Director to expand the UpGrade Ohio brand through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social mediums. Candidates will have a strong interest and experience in social media, feature writing, and content analysis. Through this work, the intern will learn about the emerging clean energy movement across Ohio and throughout the country while toning their journalism skills. Interns can focus specifically on social media, feature writing, or a combination of mixed-media projects.  Maximum: 10 hours/week (negotiable)


2. Program Coordination Internship: Intern will work directly with program administrators as an assistant coordinator to one or more UpGrade Ohio program areas including, but not limited to: community solar, electric vehicle advocacy, energy efficiency awareness for renters and students, renewable energy development assistance, program recruitment, etc.  Minimum: 5 hours/week (negotiable)

*These positions can be expanded into other outreach efforts including: photography, graphic design, and/or GIS (mapping).


Graphic by Hannah Giles