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The Electric Vehicle (EV) Cruisers electric car club originally started in Athens County, Ohio, in early 2016. The club acts as a hub for networking between EV owners, advocates, and enthusiasts who believe in the future of electric transportation. Members engaged in our work and in the club have the capacity to support strong policy and action – from the local to the federal level – such as advocating for purchasing incentives, local or state-supported tax credits, regional transportation upgrades, and access to public EV charging.

Membership includes 1) networking and social opportunities within the EV Cruisers membership. The club can connect with auto clubs and interest groups across the state, and 2) a free decal identifying you and your EV as a member of the club is provided. Earlier archived recordings/presentations of all club meetings and planning sessions are available. Other benefits may be developed from club member request.


The EV Cruisers Club allows EV owners and advocates to showcase their commitment to the EV industry. Complementary to the growth of the club, UpGrade Ohio will be working with various non-profits, businesses, and local governments to build public and workplace charging stations as well as promoting the advancement of renewable power to provide the electricity needed for the cars.
We are hoping to take the EV Cruisers club to the next level in 2018, with goals to grow the club membership outside of Athens County and into other southeast Ohio cities, business centers, and community centers.

Why Drive EV? – presented by Drive Electric Ohio, an initiative of Clean Fuels Ohio

The best way to reduce carbon emissions is to utilize the cleaner, greener, more renewable electric grid to power transportation. Only grid-rechargeable cars can attain the end goal of zero-emissions and ensure fuel price stability. In addition, plug-in electric cars make an investment in solar panels even more economically compelling. Here are our 3 favorite reasons why getting an electric car is a good move:

1. Of all the alternative transportation fuels, only electricity is infrastructure-ready.

2. Cost per mile will always be cheaper with electricity. An Ohio household with one EV will see an average increase of $11 per month in electricity costs. Initial cost for a plug-in electric vehicle can be offset by fuel cost savings, lower maintenance costs, and a federal tax credit.

3. Electricity generation and distribution is publicly regulated. Public and citizen involvement in pricing and rule-making is not possible with petroleum or bio-fuels.

10 More Reasons Why Your Should Drive An Electric Car


 Become A Member: EV Cruisers Membership | Membership starts 1st day of the nearest month |  Annual Fee: $20

20160516_183210_Pano-1Some Nissan Leaf owners pose for a photo shoot as members of the EV Cruisers club.