UpGrade: Seaman’s Cardinal Supermarket

Seaman’s Cardinal Supermarket has made the UpGrade! Late summer last year, J. Seaman explored LED replacements for the canopy lighting at the adjacent Marathon Gas station near the local-favorite grocery store. Those light fixtures sparked action to get more LED upgrades for the gas station’s overhead exterior lighting in the Fall of 2016 and now for Seaman’s this summer (2016).

Hoon Inc. in Athens, Ohio replaced all of the outside lighting while Energy Partners Ohio was the contractor for the interior lighting upgrades in the grocery store. J. Seaman claimed the upgrade will see a full payback in 3 years even though the monthly savings will be great:

Existing Fixture Count:  158                     After Retrofit Fixture Count:  177
Existing Yearly kWh Usage:  156,124     After Retrofit kWh Usage: 39,811
Projected Annual Energy Savings:  $11,515
AEP Ohio Incentive: approximately $5000 towards project cost